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When the Wide World Roars

Released 2015

A singer, guitarist, composer, as well as a five time Best Actor award winner, Oyloe’s sound is a blend of traditional folk and contemporary indie Americana that is lyrical and reflective. “Everything about Peter is soulful and singular,” says Tina Salmone, Executive Director of the Marion Palace Theater in Marion, OH. “If Johnny Depp and Cat Stevens had a son and James Taylor was his babysitter, THAT would be Peter Oyloe.” His performances seamlessly combine his own eclectic, heartfelt, multi-textured original songs with interpretations from the folk and American roots music canon that demonstrate a deep knowledge of and respect for its legacy. “The end result,” says Ken Mowery of, “is music that listeners will find broadly relevant and deeply stirring.”

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In Love With a Nun

When Rob’s girlfriend Jill breaks up with him because she has decided to become a nun, Rob coincidentally starts having seizures whenever he tries to sing. This is a problem for a high school student who wants to become a rock star. Rob decides to win Jill back at the school talent show, but first he must square off against his biggest opponent of all: Jesus. In Love With a Nun is a fun, musical comedy in the vein of indie favorites Juno and Once.

If your teenage heart was breaking and you could write indie pop songs guaranteed to win her back, this is what you might write; these songs will fill your own heart with joy and the lightness of being.


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  • I'm in Love With a Nun
  • Madison's Theme
  • A Little More Sacred
  • Fortune Fish
  • Jill Dreams of Jesus
  • Rob's Theme
  • Happy Birthday?
  • Running to Jill
  • Amazing Grace
  • Rob Sees Jesus
  • Sweet Jill
  • The Passionate Embrace and the End of Fantasy
  • Did You Say You Love Me... Cool
  • Around the World in 80 Days

Words & Music

Peter Oyloe’s debut album, words & music, is precisely crafted and fueled by a captivating and rare talent. By his own words, Oyloe is “an old soul, raised on homegrown goats milk and thoughtful solitude, whose love of love and people is constant and strong.”

Perhaps it’s the well-tended, organic Iowa roots that have enabled Oyloe’s talents to far exceed most of his contemporaries. For an industry that has been heavily polluted with the mass marketed-whir of overproduced pop singers or the homogenous drone of the Indie scene (the title of which loses meaning daily as its forefront members become increasingly featured on MTV and mainstream radio), Oyloe’s arrival in the music world is a long awaited breath of fresh air.


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  • long after it's gone
  • coffee in the morning
  • dreaming of the underwater
  • i didn't know
  • maybe
  • further from the coast
  • they follow sails
  • the snow is quiet
  • my bathe with you
  • i am
  • all my life