Peter Oyloe

Peter Oyloe, When the Wide World Roars, CD, music, theatre, actor, musician

When the Wide World Roars

Released 2015

A singer, guitarist, composer, as well as a five time Best Actor award winner, Oyloe’s sound is a blend of traditional folk and contemporary indie Americana that is lyrical and reflective. “Everything about Peter is soulful and singular,” says Tina Salmone, Executive Director of the Marion Palace Theater in Marion, OH. “If Johnny Depp and Cat Stevens had a son and James Taylor was his babysitter, THAT would be Peter Oyloe.” His performances seamlessly combine his own eclectic, heartfelt, multi-textured original songs with interpretations from the folk and American roots music canon that demonstrate a deep knowledge of and respect for its legacy. “The end result,” says Ken Mowery of, “is music that listeners will find broadly relevant and deeply stirring.”

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