Peter Oyloe

Words & Music

Peter Oyloe’s debut album, words & music, is precisely crafted and fueled by a captivating and rare talent. By his own words, Oyloe is “an old soul, raised on homegrown goats milk and thoughtful solitude, whose love of love and people is constant and strong.”

Perhaps it’s the well-tended, organic Iowa roots that have enabled Oyloe’s talents to far exceed most of his contemporaries. For an industry that has been heavily polluted with the mass marketed-whir of overproduced pop singers or the homogenous drone of the Indie scene (the title of which loses meaning daily as its forefront members become increasingly featured on MTV and mainstream radio), Oyloe’s arrival in the music world is a long awaited breath of fresh air.


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  • long after it's gone
  • coffee in the morning
  • dreaming of the underwater
  • i didn't know
  • maybe
  • further from the coast
  • they follow sails
  • the snow is quiet
  • my bathe with you
  • i am
  • all my life