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You have a marvelous voice; I am going to remember you.

Peter Oyloe, actor, songwriter, equus, theater, chicagoThis was Tony award-winning songwriter Craig Carnelia’s reaction to seeing Peter Oyloe in the title role of the new musical Julian Po. It is, in fact, the reaction of most people when they see Oyloe perform. He has affected audiences around the world with an intensity not often exhibited in young actors.

Peter grew up amongst the greens and the blues of the Northeast Iowan landscape. It is an experience he cites often in his musings on life and certainly within the context of his original compositions which often evoke the natural world in some way. “There is something magic in the land there, you just have to get down and look inside to see what it’s made of. My father showed me once how the light is different in Northeast Iowa. Now having been around the world, i know just what he means…” says Oyloe of his time growing up.

His travels have indeed sent him around the world. For a one time farm boy he most certainly gets around, having visited no less than 15 countries and counting. “I love to see the world”! When asked, on his journeys, where he is from he often says simply, “I fancy myself a citizen of the world. When I travel I would rather be identified by my character than by societal labels, most of which contain some preconceived notion. If I can make those labels just melt away and exist in the moment as my true self I find that the level of interaction is much more honest. My relationships with people are the cornerstone of my life and I think I find when you give people permission to be their true selves as opposed to what they might think you want them to be you open yourself to a world of wonder. I have had some pretty amazing interactions in my time. I really value sharing”.

It is from this place of honesty and self awareness that Oyloe creates his vision of the characters he plays. He takes bold risks which often leave his audiences profoundly affected. Peter Oyloe is not your run of the mill performer.

For his hard work as troubled teen Alan Strang in the soul-stirring drama, Equus, Oyloe earned the prestigious Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Actor. He followed that role with a run as Harry Houdini in the vivacious Joseph Jefferson Award-winning musical, Ragtime, going straight from there into the tragic lead role in the musical, Phantom. He had the honor of performing the role for Phantom composer Maury Yeston, who reciprocated the honor graciously by saying, of Oyloe, “He is going to have a fine career”.

Peter Oyloe is known around his now-home city of Chicago as the young man with the captivating eyes and the powerful voice, who prefers a tranquil, observational existence, and puts all of that observation to work in his ability to embody a wide range of characters with one tying bond: they all speak the truth. Reviewer Al Bresloff of the Epoch Times aptly advises, “If you have not yet witnessed the talent of young Peter Oyloe, you really should make it a point to see him perform. He is one of the most intense actors I have seen grace any Chicago stage”.


Reverb Dorian Dir. Jon Berry
Elling Kjell (Jeff Award Nom. Best Actor) Dir. Steve Scott
Eurydice Orpheus Dir. Julie Ritchey
Cherry Smoke Duffy Dir. Lavina Jadhwani
Baal Ekart Dir. Zeljko Djukic
The Pillowman Michal (Jeff Award Best Actor) Dir. Kimberly Senior
Equus Alan (Jeff Award Best Actor) Actors Workshop Theatre/Redtwist Theatre
Alice and Me! Mad Hatter Filament Theatre Ensemble
The Man Outside (NZ Premiere) Beckmann (Lead) Bronwyn Tweddle
Ovarian Seed Project Dance Performer Black Earth Collaborative Arts
SKY Dance Performer Black Earth Collaborative Arts
DSCH:The Conscience of Music Performer (Devised) Toi Whakaari
Blood Guilty John Pipedreams
Orphans Treat Pipedreams


Passion Giorgio Dir. Fred Anzevino
Hank Williams: Lost Highway Hank Williams (BWW Best Actor Nom.) Dir. Hans Friedrichs
Hank Williams: Lost Highway Hank Williams (LCT Award Best Actor) Dir. Randal Myler
Hank Williams: Lost Highway Hank Williams (Jeff Award Best Actor) Dir. Julie Ritchey
See What I Wanna See Thief/Priest Dir. Lili-Anne Brown
Secret Garden Maj. Shelley/Archibald U/S Dir. Stacey Flaster
Dangerous Beauty Maffio Dir. Sheryl Kaller
Phantom the Phantom Dir. L. Walter Stearns
Les Miserables Marius New Zealand National Production
Ragtime Harry Houdini/Ensemble Dir. L. Walter Stearns
Julian Po Julian Po ASCAP/Disney Chicago
Stuck Caleb Dir. Riley Thomas
The Three Penny Opera Macheath Dir. David Golden
A Wonderful Life (Tour) Ernie Epperson Theatricals
My Fair Lady Cockney Quartet-Tenor Rocky Mountain Rep.
Lucky Stiff Man 1/Multiple Characters Rocky Mountain Rep.
Ovation Soloist/Singer Dir. Stephen Robertson
Gypsy Bourgeron-Cochon/Yonkers Rocky Mountain Rep.
Despairadise Januz Matthew Gunnels


Chicago PD Kenneth (Guest Star) NBC Universal Dir. Sanford Bookstaver
The End or the Beginning (Lead) Rogues & Rascals
Audition Nightmare (Lead) Action Couch Productions
In Love With a Nun Rob (Lead) Stylis Productions
The Circle Gabriel (Lead) Depaul MFA Film
Macbeth Malcolm Walking Shadows Productions


Songwriter/Guitar Player: Original folk/rock CD words & music
Co-Composer: Original score Equus – AWT/Redtwist Theatre (Best Original Score Nom), Eurydice – Filament Theatre Ensemble
Co-Composer/Producer: Musical Score for In Love With a Nun
Singer/Composer: Folk/Rock/Country/Indie Original Music (Many samples available)


Announcer/News/Weather/DJ Voice-Over/commercials/news/weather 100.5 KDEC FM
Conflicts available upon request


Acting: Kirby Wahl, Robert Larson, Bronwyn Tweddle, James Sutherland, Joan Darling
Singing: Barbara Dalheim, Richard Marrett, David Greedy, Doug Peck
Dancing: Paul Zmoleck, Cindy Halpin, Josephina Zmoleck, Sara Brodie, Jane Hawley
Shakespeare: Susan Hart
On Camera: Eddie Foy III
Stage Combat: Matt Hawkins
Education: B.A. Theatre-Victoria University


Dialects: Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Australian, Little Boy, Funny Voices, efficient with accents
Creative Writing: Poetry, Plays, Lyrics, Fiction, Short Stories
Visual Arts: Painting and Drawing, Photography, Art Design, Excellent with computers
Performance Art: Capoeria (advance beginner), Folk Dancing, Hand Drums, Guitar
Other: Animal Handling, Carpentry, Excellent With Children, Cooking, Passport, Valid License